The immigrants jumped off the truck at the border and ran back

The immigrants jumped off the truck at the border and ran back

Immigrants jumped out of the truck and run in the opposite direction, beyond the border that had just been crossed. This completely surprising incident happened last week on 12th November when a truck driven by a Moldavian driver entered Poland from Slovakia.

In addition to the official load, as many as seven illegal immigrants appeared in the vehicle's trailer. Just at the moment of crossing the border, six of them decided to leave the vehicle, jumping out of the trailer and running back to Slovakia.

The Slovak services began their search, catching up with all six of them in the border town Čadca. The seventh immigrant gave up on his escape and was detained in a trailer after the vehicle was stopped by the Polish border guard.

It is known that all seven men did not have any documents authorizing their stay in Poland.

On the same day, another group of foreigners was arrested on the Polish border.

Border officers received information about six men in a Turkish truck trailer. The truck driver - a Bulgarian citizen, was not aware that foreigners were traveling with him. Due to the fact that none of the migrants had documents authorizing them to stay legally in Poland they were all detained.

Administrative proceedings were initiated against all foreigners, aimed at issuing decisions to deport them back to their country. The foreigners were charged with the use of deception of crossing the border from the Slovak Republic to Poland against the law. All admitted the alleged offense and provided explanations.

Based on the court's decision, the men were placed in guarded centers for foreigners.

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