After the success of its 2022 edition, the haulage smart-payment specialists SNAP is relaunching its Truckpark Tour this summer - kicking off at Chippenham Pit Stop on the 29th of June. 

SNAP will be touring 10 truck stop venues across Europe to give back to the tireless driving community - providing entertainment, competitions, and giveaways. 

The tour will depart from SNAP HQ, circle the UK, cross into Europe, and set up event stands in France, Belgium, Germany, and Poland - greeting drivers along the way.

The last leg of their 2023 Truckpark Tour will conclude in Poland at Zajazd Orchidea on the 17th of August. 


"We managed to speak with almost 1,000 drivers last year, and we want to make this year's tour bigger and better. Truck drivers remain one of the lifebloods of the economy, and we want to celebrate their efforts across our European network." - Steve Ellis, Senior Marketing Manager, SNAP. 

SNAP connects haulage journeys across Europe for HGV fleets - from depot to destination, offering drivers an extensive network of parking and washing options on busy transit routes throughout the continent. 

D4Drivers will join SNAP at the UK venues, offering drivers free medical advice and their own giveaways. 


Steve Ellis urges truck drivers to try and attend SNAP’s Truckpark Tour:

"Speaking to you makes the tour a success. And we want to chat with as many of you as possible throughout the tour dates. So, if your routes align with our tour venues - make sure you come and say hello. We will have multilingual personnel for the tour, so don't worry if English is not your first language." 

The SNAP Truckpark Tour '23 event road map

  1. Chippenham Pit Stop - UK (29th June)
  2. Penrith Truckstop - UK (13th July)
  3. TTWV Truckstop - France (29th July)
  4. Trucks Parking E42 - Belgium (30th July)
  5. Autohof Sittensen - Germany (4th Aug)
  6. 24-Agip Autohof Homberg - Germany (5th Aug)
  7. Sutterton Truckstop - UK (16th Aug)
  8. The Stockyard Truckstop - UK (17th Aug)
  9. Circle K Janowek - Poland (24th Aug)
  10. Zajazd Orchidea - Poland (25th Aug)

About SNAP: 

SNAP is the digital marketplace - connecting fleet journeys from depot to destination across Europe through technology, security, and an extensive European network. 

The service is used every 13 seconds by one of the 160,000 truck drivers using SNAP's payment system. Transactions occur across a network of over 450 truck service partners across Europe. 


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