Truck driver shot in the head

Truck driver shot in the head

On Thursday afternoon (November 5), an unknown perpetrator shot a truck going north along the A7 motorway in Germany.

A 37-year-old driver was shot in the head. Before the injured man was taken to the hospital, he was still able to pull into the nearest parking lot. Fulda's prosecutor's office and criminal police have started an investigation.

According to the current state of knowledge, the vehicle in motion was shot at around 4:25 pm from a bridge in the Höhlengrundbach area, between Fuldaer Dreieck and Pilgerzell West. The bullet went throug the vehicle’s window.

The weapon from which it was fired is not known yet and the perpetrators are being sought.

A7 was completely blocked on Friday (November 06) from 11:55 to 12:30 for a forensic investigation.

Police with dogs and metal detectors were looking for signs of a crime under the bridge.

The prosecutor's office has not provided any further details.

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