Universal alarm with motion sensors in a trailer

Universal alarm with motion sensors in a trailer


There have been many reports of damage caused by illegal immigrants in recent weeks. There are also new data on cargo theft, according to which only in Germany, in the last 18 months, over 2.3 thousand people have reported such events. Therefore, now we will take a closer look at alarms for installation in semi-trailers.

Over a week ago we have found an article about simple, cheap and award-winning trailer alarm system - an interesting novelty from the Kässbohrer:

We have found a user of an alarm operating on the same principle. It is a system completed by a Polish company from the alarm industry and, like the Kässbohrer's solution, it is based on simple motion sensors, mounted with a magnet, at any metal element of the vehicle. So let's take a look at what users have to say about this and what their overall impressions are.

The system we are going to discuss now resembles normal indoor alarms, although it has been designed to operate on 24 V voltage. The control unit is placed in a flat housing, its communication is based on a sim card, activation is carried out with a remote control, and our user has put this device in a pocket by the side bed of the cabin. There is also an alarm siren (larger round element in the photo) and a gas sensor (smaller round element) from the control panel. The entire system is complemented by motion sensors that operate wirelessly and the number of which can be almost freely selected. In most situations, four copies should be sufficient, but technically, it is possible to connect even a dozen or several dozen.

Thanks to the sim card, the alarm system has several functions. It can send information to the phone about the activation or deactivation of the alarm, in case someone tries to manipulate the device. There are also telephone notifications about the detection of motion in the vehicle, indicating the number of the sensor responsible for it, which helps to determine in which part of the vehicle the problem occurred. In addition, the alarm warns of attempts to introduce gas into the vehicle and low battery status in any of the sensors.

Seven years ago, the entire system cost about £180. The user, on the other hand, admits that he is satisfied with it, would choose such a solution again and the alarm has saved him several times from the financial losses. The versatility of motion sensors is also important, thanks to the possibility of changing their position. For example, when user is in an area threatened by illegal immigrants, he places a sensor between the tractor and the trailer, because this is where it is easiest to get to the roof. In addition, two sensors can be placed under the floor of the trailer facing the fuel tanks.

Although there is also a significant limitation regarding theft by cutting the tarpaulin. Such events should be recognized by motion sensors when placed inside the vehicle, above the side curtains. The problem, however, is that such a location works only for low or narrow loads. On the other hand, when the goods will have a large volume, it will simply obscure the signal from the sensors, greatly reducing the effectiveness of the alarm. It is possible for the thieves to cut open the side of the trailer and lift part of the load before the sensor is able to detect movement inside the vehicle. Therefore, with such wide, volumetric loads, Szymon transfers the sensors under the trailer. Then the alarm remains effective, although it can also be triggered by, for example, a running cat.

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