27th Anniversary of MS Jan Heweliusz tragedy

27th Anniversary of MS Jan Heweliusz tragedy

MS Jan Heweliusz was a Polish ferry named after astronomer Johannes Hevelius (Polish: Jan Heweliusz) that served on the route Ystad-Świnoujście.

Video showing images and footage of tragedy

It was built in Norway in 1977 and was owned by Polish Ocean Lines and operated by its daughter company PLO Euro Africa. In the early hours of January 14th 1993 it capsized and sank in 27 metres of water off Cape Arcona on the coast of Rügen in the Baltic Sea while sailing toward Ystad with 64 passengers and crew.

The accident claimed the lives of 20 crewmen and 35 passengers. 10 bodies were never found. 9 people were rescued. The sinking of Jan Heweliusz is the most deadly peacetime maritime disaster involving a Polish ship.

M/F Jan Heweliusz MAYDAY call with subtitles and translation recording

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