A driver's attack at Calais and French army fun

A driver's attack at Calais and French army fun


When you look at the latest news from around Caials, you can simply have a break down.

One driver died after a fight with immigrants, another may be responsible for the 16-year-old falling from his cabin, and the French services - to protect against such events - completely ridiculed the illegal camp.


1. Death in the parking lot

Let’s start with the Aire de l'Épitre parking lot, on the A16 motorway approx 25 kilometers south of Calais. Late Sunday evening (19.12.2021), before 10 pm a Portuguese driver noticed three illegal immigrants trying to enter his vehicle there. He alerted the French services, then went to the rear of the set himself to stop the unwanted "passengers".

According to a witness, there was a struggle at the trailer and the Portuguese received a blow to the head from one of the immigrants. After that he immediately returned to his cabin, where five minutes later he suffered a heart attack and passed out. Unfortunately, his life could not be saved.

The French media does not mention the arrest of the person responsible for this attack. Reports from emergency services focus on the unhealthy lifestyle of the driver, stating that the deceased 48-year-old was overweight, smoked cigarettes and was already having heart treatments.


2. The 16-year-old fell from the cabin

A few hours later in Calais, there was a tragic accident involving a 16-year-old Sudanese. This illegal immigrant tried to climb onto a truck tractor, hiding in the space next to the trailer. However, when the truck suddenly started to move, the teenager fell onto the road and was very seriously injured. French services transported him to hospital, but unfortunately the doctors pronounced him dead.

Meanwhile, the driver's drama began at the scene. At first, he was surrounded by about forty immigrants who apparently found the driver guilty of the tragedy. The truck's cabin was pelted with stones, and a man from Eastern Europe (no specific country specified) was injured. However, when the scene of the accident was secured by the police and representatives of the prosecutor's office from Boulogne-sur-Mer, the driver had to go for questioning at the police station. Proceedings were initiated with the suspicion of causing death.


3. Military shows with immigrants

At the same time as the two incidents described above were taking place, the video from Calais, presenting the Sunday behavior of French soldiers, began to be shared on the internet. The military personnel were delegated to secure an illegal camp of about 500 immigrants. Instead, they decided to have fun using their new company car, the Ford Everest off-roader. This is a passenger version of the Ford Ranger in a civil version offered only outside Europe.

The military Ford first performed in the marshy area next to the camp, and then fell into a very deep ditch, burying itself in it with his left side wheels. So instead of securing the camp, the soldiers had to organize a rescue operation. First, they tried to pull the car out using a three-axle truck, but this proved impossible. So in the end, the shovels went into motion, and the immigrants themselves, who had been watching the situation from the very beginning, started to help.

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