Giant parcel company proves it again

Giant parcel company proves it again


DPD at Hinckley super hub lets go of 165 agency drivers without any good explanation just before Christmas, leaving them unemployed.

This proves big companies don't care about drivers and their families.

For the last few months DPD and it’s agencies have been promising very good pay rates and Christmas bonuses just to get as many drivers they could possibly get for busy period.

Many drivers left current employers to join parcel giant and now they have been left with nothing.... In just three days 165 drivers received a massage from their agencies to say DPD don't need them anymore.

We all realise agency work is not guaranteed but they are all humans and everyone needs to be treated fairly.

So many drivers have been left angry and dissapoineed, especially with recent drivers shortages they are still been treated like they are worth nothing.

This is a very good example why young people don't want start their career in this industry when there is no guarantee they will find a job with a decent company.

Drivers are for life, not just for Christmas...

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