Spanish cabotage for supermarkets in the UK - from long routes to local ones

Spanish cabotage for supermarkets in the UK - from long routes to local ones


The first effects of the British cabotage rule change can already be seen. Foreign trucks began to perform cabotage, tempted by the high stakes.

We can already see Spanish long-distance sets delivering to supermarkets. In the Spanish media, there was a report of a driver who found such a job and it unpleasantly surprised him.

Rafa Soler has been transporting food from Spain to the UK for the last 29 years. This typical Spanish job has remained largely unchanged over the three decades. After unloading in the UK, it either undertook a return load to Spain or made a transfer from Great Britain to France. However three weeks ago everything changed, as Solera's employer switched to market cabotage.

After unloading in Spain, usually in the distribution center of a large chain of supermarkets, the driver now receives domestic orders. These are deliveries to British supermarkets, often loaded in the exact same center. For example, recently Rafa Soler transported pumpkins from Spain to Peterborough, and then from Peterborough he started delivering market supplies to London and Southampton.

The Spaniard complained that this has significantly extended his stay on the routes. He is also demanding a higher salary since his job suddenly changed character. It cannot be denied that most long-distance drivers will not be too happy to suddenly switch to the "local work". Especially in British conditions. And this of course is because there is a shortage of drivers in the UK itself.

As a reminder: there will be no quantitative limit on cabotage in the UK until the end of April. A foreign truck will be able to drive around the country for two weeks, making any number of routes. This is the answer to the UK shortage of drivers.

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