Truck drivers next in line to vaccinate?

Truck drivers next in line to vaccinate?

Preparations are underway for coronavirus vaccination worldwide. First countries to get the vaccines in the coming days are United States and Great Britain.

Who will get the vaccines first? As the British government confirmed frontline health workers and care home residents as well as workers are the first to receive it. There are many indications that next in line will be truck drivers. Moreover, there are speculations tha vaccination may be compulsory. Employers may receive considerable rights in this respect.

From the outset of the pandemic, truck drivers are seen as 'key workers'. That is why they are listed among the first vaccine candidates. In the United States an official recommendation on this subject was issued by local advisory bodies. In Spain a campaign has started in which the association of transport companies Fenadismer is fighting for the drivers priority vaccination.

There is also information on a possible refusal of vaccination. The European Economic and Social Committee who is one of the official advisory bodies of the European Union, commented on this matter. In their opinion employers have the right to refuse employment for people who will not undergo vaccination.

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