A tachograph that will allow to punish each violation on an ongoing basis

A tachograph that will allow to punish each violation on an ongoing basis


The EU tachographs are much more advanced than those used in the east. Current type 4.0 devices, which are compulsory since last summer record the location of the vehicle, and a police car driving next to the truck can carry out their remote diagnostics. There is no such thing in Russia, Belarus or Ukraine yet.

Russians however are conducting tests that could take this matter even a step further. It is supposed to be an "online tachograph" - a system for monitoring drivers in real time. Instead of just remote diagnostics of the device, it would remotely transmit information about the full activity of the driver. Therefore, the network would immediately receive information about the time of work and rest, as well as about the speeds achieved. What's more, everything would be signed with an electronic signature and may be used for issuing a penalty.

After installing such devices and properly securing them, the police services could punish all documented violations of standards. As reported by the Russian agency Rosavtotransport, which is responsible for transport supervision, this solution is now entering the official, extensive tests.

500 buses running in various regions of the country will be equipped with them for the test. The work of their drivers will therefore be constantly monitored and the inspection services will regularly review the data.

If the tests are successful, this extreme form of tachographs could be widely used. The Russians care about the use of those tachographs in buses the most, explaining it with concern for the safety of passengers. However, it can be expected that it would also quickly move from buses to trucks for safety reasons.

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source: 40ton.net