Driver died while driving a truck on a four-lane motorway

Driver died while driving a truck on a four-lane motorway

The Russian media are circulating a dramatic video from the St. Petersburg ring road. You can see a six-axle set whose driver died while driving.

The incident took place on Wednesday 21 October, around 11 am. A red Volvo FH towing a semi-trailer with a sea container, drove for two kilometers between all four lanes. The vehicle bounced off the barriers, led to a harmless collision with the passenger car, and at the same time continued to roll.


Driver was not visible through the tilted window. Unfortunately, the man died while driving his lorry and slipped from his seat. He was 48 years old, but the exact causes of his death have not yet been given.

After just over two kilometers, the truck finally braked on one of the railings. There were attempts to stop it much earlier using a different set by a witness driving Volvo FM with a curtain trailer. He managed to position himself perfectly in front of the out of control set and the action was close to success. Then however a silver Jaguar appeared, which pulled directly in front of the trucks and distrurbed the attempt

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