Soon you will be able to open your truck with the smartphone instead a key

Soon you will be able to open your truck with the smartphone instead a key

Continental is extending its virtual Key as a Service solution from passenger cars to commercial vehicles.

Key as a Service enables users to open their vehicles and start their engines with a simple command via smartphone or Bluetooth card.

Physical keys have the disadvantage that they’re not always where the driver needs them. This is often the case with trucks and coaches, which are usually driven by more than one person. The same is true for vehicles that are operated by fleets or car rental services. Continental’s Key-as-a-Service platform makes vehicle handovers much easier. Physical key transfers are unnecessary because vehicles can easily be opened and started with a smartphone app. This offers a number of advantages:


- Driver changes for vehicles en route are more efficient, and there are no waiting times.

- Virtual key handovers are hygienic because physical contacts are minimized.

- Virtual keys can be passed to other users. Mechanics can gain access to the cab and engine without bothering the driver. Maintenance coincides with the driver’s rest period, and      the virtual key is transmitted via Key as a Service directly to the mechanic’s smartphone.

- Truck rental companies benefit from secure, smooth handovers that are independent of opening hours.

- Linking the virtual key to the company’s IT systems can streamline vehicle access and usage information


Today roughly 40 percent of all cars in the world are equipped with key solutions from Continental. In 2019, the technology company supplied more than 34,5 million remote keys. In addition, by late 2020, 100,000 virtual key sets are expected to be licensed. This is a proven technology, and Continental is now applying its wealth of experience from the passenger car segment to commercial vehicles of all sizes and classes.


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