That’s how you disinfect!

That’s how you disinfect!

In Poland the authorities pulled out some heavy guns to fight with COVID-19.

Mercedes Axor combined with a low loader semi-trailer, on which the Supersnow 700ASE snow gun and 19 tanks were placed. In total, the set can take 19 thousand liters of disinfectant and using a spraying width of 8 meters handle up to 30 kilometers of streets without having to go down to the base.


It's impressive! The performance of this equipment reaches 10 billion drops per minute, which means that this type of enterprise needs special protection. The set moves with a constant guard of pilots in the front and rear. Everything for the safety of road users and the cannon operator himself.

Fire fighters are responsible for the safety of passers-by, by ensuring that nobody is within the range of the equipment.

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