Poland: a 63-kilometers long traffic jam at the Polish-German border

Poland: a 63-kilometers long traffic jam at the Polish-German border

The situation at the Polish-German border is getting worse. Poland restored border controls in connection with the coronavirus over the weekend. They are not intended to stop the flow of goods, and truck drivers are subject to the exception. However, in practice, additional controls significantly affect traffic flow.

On Wednesday, the traffic jam before the A4 motorway reached 63 km. German troops were sent to help out. Bundeswehr soldiers provide drivers with drink, food and blankets.

Prime Minister of Saxony's government Michael Kretschmer asked for support: ‘I hope we find a solution. 15 minutes to check one truck makes the situation unsustainable. The Polish side must act faster’ - he said.

During the day the traffic decreased by only 10 km. Volunteers and local residents are also helping drivers.


showing the border traffic queues. Drivers complaining about lack of food and drink

Not only trucks are stuck in traffic jams at the border but also passenger cars. After consulting the Polish services, the German police prioritized those travelling with children.

showing situation at another boarder city, where locals and officers are distributing food and water

Trucks with animals are also stuck in a traffic jam. Activist Elżbieta Mikucka alerted on Facebook "You hear the cows cry! It hurts them very much because they are not milked since the morning! The situation is critical!" - she wrote. According to her report, the border services were looking for farmers who were able to milk and feed the cows.

Reporter Mateusz Czmiel later reported that (at least some) transports with animals were escorted by the police.

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